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Petra Marko about the reputed bankruptcy of ExtravaDansa

Maybe you have noticed that ExtravaDansa – the production house of dance and costumes – has somehow disappeared from the scene. And it is true. After 13 successful years on the market, time has come, to move from ExtravaDansa to another, higher level. Thanks to ExtravaDansa we have learned a whole lot about the market and […]

10 tips when choosing a company’s name

The name of my first company – ExtravaDansa – was created in about half an hour, on the way to a statistic exam. I was 19 with no care in the world, living the life. I felt that ExtravaDansa captured what we were about to start- a production house of dance. Putting all dance style […]

What does NeonHeads stand for?

I bet that you can’t wrap your head around the name NeonHeads. What does it mean, what does it represent and why did I decide to name a new and innovative company with this seemly odd name? Don’t you worry. I have explanation that will answer all of your questions and hopefully help all of […]

Hong Kong – green city?

Hong Kong really surprised me. I expected a cold jungle of skyscrapers but Hong Kong is a city full of greenery! Luscious greenery grows between skyscrapers, streets are clean and everything works like clockwork. You won’t meet a lot of people on the streets because the walkways lead either under or over the city through […]


So here it is. I finally decided to create my page. Why? I have two main reasons for it. 1. For several years now different organizations (mostly universities), invite me to lecture about my business story. Amazing feedback from my audience inspired me so much that I accepted the offer from the Slovak Business Agency […]